About Us

 Regalcopper is founded by Mr. Rohit Jain, Headquarters at Mathura(90/manas nagar, Maholi road). Regalcopper is a budding company established under the campaign “START UP” India. Regalcopper is trying to create a niche for itself in the cosmetic Industry. The story behind the incorporation of the company is to serve the customers with all natural products without any toxic components unlike the contemporaries, who go the extent to use the banned chemicals which takes a toll on consumers health. Regalcopper follows a stern quality check and high standards of research of the components used while developing the product, which ensures the safe and sound health of the Consumers. Regalcopper supports the Organic Revolution and has a mix of both modern and traditional components which not only has health benefits but also has relevance with our age old wisdom, where our ancestors has accumulated the ingredients and followed a healthy skin care routine. Regalcopper takes pride in our culturally rich heritage and age old wisdom and does not shy away from “INCULCATING” it in our products.

Regalcopper foraying in the cosmetic industry has triggered the Cosmetic industry by going all Natural.

Regalcopper has a distant vision to go International.

Thank you for going through our “ABOUT US” the gesture highly Appreciated.